Privacy policy


The Internet user signs up on the website when he/she fills in the order form for the free welcome offer.

Here he/she is referred to as the 'User' and the website as the 'Website'.

The Website pays particular attention to Users' privacy and to the protection of Users' personal data.

It takes all the necessary precautions in order to guarantee the security of the information provided by users and specifically prevents this information from being passed on to unauthorised third parties.



The Website may keep the User's personal information which he/she filled out on the website or in an associated page such as an order form, whether for a free or paid-for product.

This information may include, in particular, his/her first name and surname, his/her postal and/or electronic address, his/her landline phone and/or mobile phone number, his/her date of birth.

Passing on information to third parties

The Website may only pass on this information to commercial partners if the Internet user has agreed to this, by ticking the relevant box.

In order to unsubscribe from partner offers, the User can use the unsubscribe links in e-mails from the Website's partners.


Certain non-personal information may be collected from time to time by the Google Analytics tool, for statistical purposes: this may include the User's browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox etc.), the type of operating system used (Windows 7, Mac OS, etc.) and the IP address of the computer used.

This information is not kept by the Website.

When the User browses the Website, this automatically generates cookies which store information identifying the User throughout his/her visit to the Website so that he/she does not have to enter it manually on each page visited.

However, the User has the option of preventing the use of cookies by changing the options on his/her Internet browser.


If the User no longer wants to receive e-mails from the Website, he/she can request this by following the unsubscribe link on all e-mails sent by the Website or by contacting the Website via the following address:

The Company draws the User's attention to the fact that ending his/her subscription will mean that the links in any e-mails received from the Website beforehand will no longer be active. Consequently the User will no longer have access to products delivered in this way, if he/she did not save them on his/her computer.