If you have problems that ruin your life, I would like to help you. Entirely free of charge. Why?

At the moment I am writing a book on the many changes which happened suddenly in people's lives directly after receiving immediate help from me.

It is in order to complete this book and to irrefutably prove the strength of the secret powers which are unique in this world and which I, Alisha, possess, that I am performing the experiment of offering my help free of charge to people who, just like you, have an urgent problem to resolve.

I simply ask you to inform me as soon as your problem is solved. All you need to do is write to me, specifying how long it took for your problem to be solved, and how it happened.

You see, as an astro-clairvoyant who is an expert in telepathic research and analysis, I am surprised each day by the letters I receive, to see how many people live sadly, when they would need so little to transform their lives into ones filled with happiness and prosperity.

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